G.I. Jane Hairstylist Is Confused Over Jada Pinkett Smith's Response To Joke

It's the slap that was heard around the world — and that might just ruin Will Smith's career. Since the actor got up on stage and slapped Chris Rock for making a quip about wife Jada Pinkett Smith's hair, he has been condoned by a slew of celebrities and The Academy even launched an official investigation into the matter. While he's unlikely to lose his Oscar, he may very well be suspended by The Academy, per The Wrap. Since physically assailing Rock for joking, "Jada, can't wait for 'G.I. Jane 2,'" the Oscar winner has been criticized and called a hypocrite by many. What's more, an old interview in which he slapped and told off a reporter has come back to haunt him.

He's since apologized for his actions, but it seems many aren't ready to forgive. A mounting number of A-listers continue to publicly speak out against Will. Most recently, Jim Carrey did not hold back as he told CBS Mornings that he was "sickened by the standing ovation" Will received shortly after when he won his Best Actor award. But there were many who didn't stand up, like Zoe Kravitz who shared a red carpet photo on Instagram and slammed, "here's a picture of my dress at the show where we are apparently assaulting people on stage now." Meanwhile, co-host Amy Schumer took Rock's side on Instagram, saying he "handled it like a pro" and admitting she felt "triggered and traumatized" by Will's actions. Now, there's one more person who is just plain confused by the ordeal.

The 'G.I. Jane' hairstylist had some choice words

As an increasing number of folks have come forward to condemn Will Smith's actions, many have overlooked Jada Pinkett Smith's response to the joke. Not Enzo Angileri, though. The Emmy-winning hairstylist has worked on nearly 40 films, including 1997's "G.I. Jane," creating Demi Moore's signature bald look. He's also the one who pushed Charlize Theron to shave her head for "Mad Max: Fury Road," even though he wasn't even working on that film. It's safe to say he loves a buzz cut on women and, as he told Page Six, he didn't get what all the Oscars fuss was about.

Angileri admitted that he didn't know Jada was living with alopecia, but still found her reaction unjustified — especially because of how flattering the short 'do is on her. "I thought she looked amazing, so regal," he gushed. "I have never seen her look more beautiful." Addressing Chris Rock's joke directly, he said he saw the humor in it and argued that it was "nothing to cause such a rolling of the eyes." Angileri also argued that if she had ignored the jab, Will wouldn't have gotten up on stage. The stylist concluded by condemning Will's reaction, calling it "completely unacceptable" and asking, "Don't we try to teach our kids not to raise their hands?" Jada, meanwhile, wrote on Instagram that she is here for "a season of healing," so perhaps even she agrees with Angileri at this point.