Johnny Depp's Career Faces Grim Prediction From Industry Sources Despite Legal Victory

Johnny Depp used to be most well-known for his eccentric style and impeccable acting skills, but now that has all been shoved to the wayside in favor of his part in one of the most infamous court cases in recent history. Whether you care or don't care about the results, it is undeniable that the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard defamation lawsuit has become a cultural phenomenon. Everyone from Joy Behar to Joe Rogan has their own take on this case.

But after all, in the eyes of Depp's team, getting the public's attention on the alleged defamatory statements made by Heard about Depp was the whole point. Even though it is relatively difficult to win a defamation case, most have suspected that Depp's goal was to use the spectacle of the lawsuit to win back the court of public opinion. By sharing his side of the story and clearing his name in a court of law, he could hopefully get his career back on track.

Somewhat surprisingly, Depp actually ended up winning and was awarded $15 million by the jury! So that means "Pirates of the Caribbean 6" and the absolute restoration of Depp as Hollywood's leading man, right? Well, industry experts suggest that it's not as simple as that.

Johnny Depp's glory days may be long behind him

In his defamation case, one of the biggest claims from Johnny Depp's team was that Amber Heard's allegations of domestic abuse caused him to lose out on future roles, including his part in the "Fantastic Beasts" franchise that he was asked to step down from. But now that a jury has found that Heard's statements were false, that doesn't necessarily mean that Depp will go back to the fame he once had in Hollywood.

"I don't think he will ever be who he was. It was a waste of time and money and effort," an industry insider told People. Another source said to People, "Years of building up reputations have been torn down on both sides in a couple of weeks. Nobody truly won."

Plus, Variety reported that Depp's career as an actor had been going slowly downhill even before Heard's defamatory Washington Post op-ed was published. While he has certainly won the court of public opinion, it all depends on whether or not Hollywood and the studios are willing to give Depp another chance. Not all hope is lost though, as now Depp has plenty of fans rooting for him to come back to the spotlight.