The Divorce Lisa Marie Presley Called One Of Her Biggest Mistakes

Lisa Marie Presley had been engaged five times and married four times, two of which were high-profile marriages. But out of all her relationships, there was only one that she regretted ending.

As Elvis and Priscilla Presley's only daughter, Lisa Marie's love life had always sparked public interest, including her involvement with people outside of showbiz. The late musician married for the first time to fellow artist Danny Keough when she was 20 years old. As a couple, they welcomed two kids, Riley and Benjamin Keough. After they divorced in 1994, she went on to tie the knot with superstar Michael Jackson, who she once described to Oprah "as a drug for me," but they, too, didn't last. They divorced in 1996, and three years later, Lisa Marie was reported to be engaged to singer John Oszajca. They didn't make it down the aisle, however, and ended their engagement after 16 months. Then, in 2002, she got hitched to actor Nicolas Cage, though the two separated four months later. "I'm sad about this, but we shouldn't have been married in the first place. It was a big mistake," Lisa Marie confessed at the time. She married her fourth husband, Michael Lockwood, in 2006 after two years of dating. They welcomed twin daughters in 2008, Harper Vivienne Anne and Finley Aaron Love. A decade later, the pair decided to split.

Lisa Marie had quite a relationship history, as you can probably tell, but according to her, she only ever regretted leaving Keough — and for someone who might not have even been worth it.

Lisa Marie regretted leaving Danny Keough for Michael Jackson

Lisa Marie Presley and Danny Keough married young, but according to their friends, they were a match made in heaven. "He's not the type of person to take his marriage vows as anything less than solemn. He is rock solid," a common friend told People. "When I learned of the marriage, my first reaction was: 'You're kidding. Little Danny with little Lisa. How perfect.'" But while the two tried to make the marriage work, it seemed Keough grew frustrated that they weren't equals in terms of financial and social status. "The marriage I was in, there was so much resentment about who I was, because I had more than he did, and it became a power struggle. It is hard for a man to be with a woman who is stronger, wealthier," Lisa Marie shared with Marie Claire.

She thought it would serve her better for her next partner to be someone "more compatible," so she didn't hesitate to jump into a relationship with Michael Jackson. But she later realized that it had been one of her worst decisions ever. "How can I word this? Um. Well. Leaving my first marriage, for the person that I left it for — that was probably the biggest mistake of my life," she admitted. "I was really naive at the time. I was in la-la land."

Lisa Marie and Danny remained friends until her death

If there's one thing Lisa Marie Presley didn't regret, however, it's having kids with Danny Keough. In a 2003 interview with Rolling Stone, she dished that she knew from the get-go that Keough was for keeps. "He's my absolute best friend in the world," she said. "The smartest thing I've ever done is have children with this man, because I knew this is the one man I could be connected to for the rest of my life."

Their relationship even evolved into something akin to a sibling dynamic. "We are like brother and sister, so it is not weird at all," she told People, noting that they managed to stay close after the divorce. "Ultimately this is a good message to send out to people: You don't have to put your crap on your kids even if you are not together. You can still be civilized. I knew at the age that I had the kids with him that Danny was someone I could be connected with for the rest of my life. I knew he would be a good father."

Lisa Marie and Keough even decided to live under one roof after their son, Benjamin, died of suicide, and they were reported to have remained together until she died in 2023. While their marriage wasn't successful, they had a bond like no other.