Madison And Hannah Ann Support Each Other Post-Bachelor

If you think competing on national TV against 29 other women to win the heart of one man sounds intense, just imagine if you make it all the way to the end of the show and get proposed to... only for that same guy to still be in love with the runner-up. Sounds messy, heartbreaking, and all the other devastating adjectives, right? Well, that's the reality Hannah Ann Sluss faced on The Bachelor.

While tears were understandably shed, Hannah Ann still managed to hold her head high when dumping Bachelor Peter Weber and calling him out for being too wishy-washy to go after what he really wanted. What he wanted was a love story with Madison Prewett, who self-eliminated from the competition after realizing their lives seemed too incompatible. Madison's foresight must've been on point, because she and Peter split days after the Bachelor finale declared they were going to give their love a shot.

That summary is enough to give anyone whiplash — so much so that even Madison, a.k.a. Madi, joked on Instagram on Monday, March 16 about having a much more low-key Monday following that very eventful finale. But if you thought there was any bad blood between Peter's two exes, think again. Hannah Ann showed yet again that she knows how to rise above any negativity.

Madison isn't letting Bachelor drama get her down — and neither is Hannah Ann

Over on Instagram, Madison Prewett shared a photo raising her arm in triumph with a huge grin, giving off a carefree, joyful vibe. She wrote in the caption, "Well this Monday is a little different.. Also hope everyone is staying safe." While the first part is a clear nod to last week's Bachelor finale, the latter is likely tied to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

As E! News pointed out, Hannah Ann Sluss wrote, "Cutie" in the comments with heart and kiss emojis. Madison responded with several kiss emojis. So yeah, if you thought there was drama between these two, not a chance. It's nice to see they could leave any hard feelings from the show squarely in the past. Plus, if anything, they hadn't done anything to hurt one another; they both just share the bond of heartbreak involving Peter Weber.

And as it turns out, Hannah Ann isn't the only unexpected friend in Madison's corner. Last weekend, the reality star was spotted on none other than Selena Gomez's Instagram Story. The pair apparently bonded over their faith (meeting through the celeb-filled Hillsong Church) and spent a night playing board games with some other pals.

Madison may not be part of Pilot Pete's happily-ever-after, but it sounds like she's doing more than okay. She's got a support network that includes Hannah Ann, a pop star, and fans all across America.