The Feud Between Liz Cheney And Donald Trump Isn't Ending Anytime Soon

Since his exit from the White House in January, Donald Trump has made it clear that he isn't loosening his hold on the Republican party any time soon. Whether it's his February keynote appearance at CPAC, his stream of press releases following his Twitter ban, or his continued endorsements of possible GOP candidates in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections, the ex-president has continued to exert the power of his legacy from his time in the Oval Office. But just because Trump has continued to have his hand in politics doesn't mean that all Republican lawmakers are having it. And perhaps one of the most high-profile Never-Trumpers in the time of Trump's post-presidency is none other than Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney.

While Cheney's presence as an anti-Trump figure within the GOP gained considerable traction following her decision to vote in favor of Trump's conviction during his second impeachment trial in January — one that was met with derision from a cohort of her fellow Republican lawmakers — she's since abided by her stance. Not only that, but Cheney has persevered in her attempts to steer other party legislators away from MAGA-centric platforms and approaches. And according to April reports from media outlets like The Hill, her endeavor to do so has more than just Republicans talking. Keep on reading to find out what Cheney's latest play in her Trump feud is.

Liz Cheney served a reminder as to who leads the GOP

As The Hill noted on April 26, Republican Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney made some comments during a retreat in Florida for Republican members of the House. During a Q&A session with the press, one reporter directed a question at Cheney, asking her as to what type of participation Donald Trump would have regarding the midterm elections in 2022. 

As per The Hill, Cheney's response minced no words, instead referring to the GOP's elected Senate and House legislative leaders. "I think, right now, the Republican Party is headed by Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy in the House," Cheney answered, referring to McConnell's designation as Senate Minority Leader and McCarthy's as House Minority Leader. She then added: "I think our elected leaders, you know, are the ones who are in charge of the Republican Party."

As CNN also noted, another reporter asked Cheney for her opinion regarding the possibility of charges being levied against Trump over his alleged participation in the January 6 right-wing insurrection at Capitol Hill. In her response, the Wyoming representative stated that any related charges would be "a decision that the Justice Department is going to have to make." She then went on to refer to the ongoing criminal investigation headed by Georgia's Fulton County District Attorney Fani T. Willis over possible election tampering on the part of Trump in January. "There are ongoing criminal investigations, and those will play out," Cheney said.