Amy Schneider Addresses Those Jeopardy! Hosting Rumors

Alex Trebek, the longtime host of the quiz show "Jeopardy!" died in November 2020 from cancer. According to The New York Times, he had hosted the show for 37 years, becoming the face of the show watched and loved by millions of Americans. Trebek hosted over 8,000 episodes of "Jeopardy!" and held the record of hosting most episodes of a single game show. The act was special for him, too. "In this day and age, when there is so much societal tension, game shows are valuable because they're pleasant," he told Vulture in 2018.

Trebek's death left a void in the show. In August 2021, it was announced that Mike Richards would be the show's permanent host. However, he lasted only a little over one week in the office. On August 20, Richards stepped down from the job after reports of offensive and sexist comments made on a podcast years ago. Sony later announced that he'd be exiting his job as the show's executive producer, per The Washington Post. With Richards gone, actor and author Mayim Bialik and former "Jeopardy!" champion Ken Jennings took over the hosting duties, per the Los Angeles Times.

Jennings and Bialik, however, are only with the show for a year while the producers figure out a permanent replacement. One such name to continue Trebek's legacy is another "Jeopardy!" champion Amy Schneider, who's been on a winning streak on the show in early 2022. In a recent interview, she addressed the potential of her hosting the show. 

Amy Schnieder is open to becoming a permanent host at 'Jeopardy!'

In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, "Jeopardy!" champ Amy Schneider opened up on rumors around her hosting the show as producers decide on a permanent replacement. She told the outlet that while interim host and former "Jeopardy!" champion Ken Jennings is doing a "fantastic" job, she'd be open to becoming a host if the producers wanted that.

"It would certainly be a cool experience," Schneider, who's also the first transgender contestant on the show, said in the interview. "It's a lot harder than it looks. Whether I'd actually even be good at it, I don't know ... But yeah, I'd certainly consider it if somebody asked." According to People, Schneider has already beaten multiple streaks at the show. The software engineering manager from Oakland, California, has so far earned the third-longest streak on the show, according to ABC News on January 14.

In another interview with ABC7, Schneider, who's been a fan of the show for a long time, had a message for the show's viewers. "I am so incredibly grateful," she said. "Hopefully I can send a positive message to the nerdy trans girl who wants to be on the show too." She added that while growing up in Ohio, she didn't have many positive role models. "Seeing other trans women in a good spotlight inspired me to not be afraid of trying to compete in the thing I have always loved," she added.