Lisa Kudrow Reveals Her Favorite Moment From The Friends Reunion

Just a week after all the buzz surrounding the "Friends" reunion on HBO Max, actor Lisa Kudrow is reminiscing on her favorite moments from the reunion, including one she didn't even notice until she re-watched it.

The "Friends" reunion special brought together old pals Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, Courteney Cox, and Matthew Perry for a night of rekindling old friendships and revealing behind-the-scenes secrets. Celebrity appearances of the night included Justin Bieber, Cara Delevingne and even Lady Gaga, who joined Kudrow in the coffee shop for a final performance of "Smelly Cat." Of the many surprises in the HBO Max special was the admission that Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer weren't just hot for each other on screen as Ross and Rachel. The famous on-screen couple of the 90s was flirting it up off set, despite never crossing the line of dating. 

Aniston and Schwimmer weren't the only ones to open up about what really went down on the set of "Friends." Matt LeBlanc spilled the beans on Courteney Cox's tendency to hide her lines throughout the kitchen of Monica Geller's apartment — which led to a moment that later caught the eye of cast mate Lisa Kudrow.

Courteney Cox burst into tears at the reunion, but Lisa Kudrow noticed something even more heartwarming

In an interview with E! News, Lisa Kudrow, who captured fans hearts as Phoebe Buffay in "Friends," revealed how she almost missed one tear-jerking moment in the reunion special.

In a heartwarming moment, the actor met up with former cast mate David Schwimmer to watch the HBO Max special along with millions of fans, only to learn she almost missed one sweet moment between Courteney Cox and Matt LeBlanc. "Well, Courteney comes in and burst into tears, and I grab a napkin or a tissue — LeBlanc takes it because he is telling us a story and doesn't want to skip a beat and starts dabbing her eyes, just on automatic," said Kudrow of her favorite moment from the show. "That's who we were!"

Jennifer Aniston also shared her love for the moment to Gayle King on the SiriusXM show, "Gayle King in the House." "It was a sucker punch in the heart in a way," said Aniston (via People). "It was for all of us, I think. Even Courteney, we got tears out of! And I don't even know — she's so, you know, not emotional."