Madison Troyer

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Brooklyn, NY
The King's College
Movies, TV, Celebrities
  • Madison has been writing about celebrities and entertainment since 2015.
  • A pop culture connoisseur and TV junkie, she spends much of her spare time refreshing tabloid websites and Instagram pages.
  • Her experience as a generalist has allowed her to hone her research skills, helping her to uncover the most obscure details about even the most well-known celebs.


Madison has worked as a freelance writer since 2015. Her work on topics ranging from entertainment to politics to health and wellness has been published by outlets like Stacker, Newsweek, MSN,, and on various blogs. Since joining Static Media in 2021, she's loved taking readers on deep dives into celebrity culture and lifestyles.


Madison graduated with a B.A. in Media, Culture, and the Arts from The King's College.
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