Shana Aborn

New York, NY
College Of William And Mary, CUNY Queens College
Human Interest, Parenting, Education, Health
  • Shana has been a senior editor for print and online outlets, including Ladies' Home Journal, MAMM, Woman's World, Babble, and Romper, and tons of writing and editing credits in between.
  • Shana is the author of "30 Days to a More Spiritual Life" and a contributor to the anthology "The Imperfect Mom."
  • Shana has been a preschool teacher in New York City since 2014; in the fall of 2021, she will become the educational director of a new preschool site.


Shana has been writing about women's-interest and celeb issues basically forever. She began her career as an editorial assistant and fact-checker (remember those?) for American Film magazine, which would later come in handy when she was a "Jeopardy!" contestant. Since then, she has been a senior editor for Ladies' Home Journal, MAMM, Woman's World and Life & Beauty Weekly, as well as a contributor to Romper, Babble, Scary Mommy, Betty Confidential, Parents, Working Mother, Woman's Day, Women's Faith & Spirit, and many more. Along the way, she has interviewed disaster survivors, lottery winners, oncologists, veterinarians, astrologers, Olympic medalists, Grammy and Tony winners, mothers of multiples, and a few names you may have heard of. Now a preschool teacher, she keeps up with trends in education and issues related to child development. (She also knows that the only thing she'll be remembered for is the "Jeopardy!" part.)


Shana has a degree in English from William & Mary, the second-oldest college in America (as alums are proud to brag). She received her master's in early childhood education from Queens College as part of the first-ever cohorts in a special training program for preschool teachers when the Pre-K for All program was launched in New York City.
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