Caitlyn Wisser

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Orlando, FL
The George Washington University
Royals, Fashion, TV
  • Caitlyn is a Features writer for Nicki Swift, specializing in detailed looks at celebrities' lives.
  • She has previously written for The Inquisitr and has worked as a ghost writer for numerous blogs involving celebrities and their daily lives.
  • A previous VIP Tour Guide of Universal Studios, Caitlyn is intimately familiar with filmmaking and TV shows, and has a plethora of knowledge about movie stars and film directors.


Caitlyn has worked as a professional writer for five years, getting started as a ghost writer for a variety of celeb gossip websites before becoming a full time freelancer. She soon secured a job at The Inquisitr as a copyeditor and writer, and she quickly moved up the ranks to become an Editor Assistant and then the Weekend Editor. She graduated from The George Washington University in Washington, DC, but soon moved to Orlando, FL, where she got a job working with VIP guests of the theme parks. She became well-versed in the filmmaking industry and in the lives of many of the different celebrities that would visit the parks. A content creator by trade, Caitlyn is working toward publishing her first fiction novel.


Caitlyn graduated from The George Washington University in Washington, DC with a degree in International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies, with a concentration in Conflict and Security and a minor in History. As her degree dealt with significant writing, she has learned to research and hone her skills throughout her education process, becoming an effective and entertaining writer.
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